Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ark Amendment

What if... The people in pre-Flood times had changed their ways and the ark hadn't been necessary?

I have often wondered this. The Bible makes it clear that God gave the people several opportunities to change. What if they had actually succumbed to His heedings?

Would the flood have merely been delayed? Could it have been adverted for generations to come due to the experience? Or adverted entirely and a Global Flood would've never occurred?

But now I wonder if they had adverted the disaster and, in effect, the reminder, would they have learned anything at all? Would we?

Guess we'll never know of what could have been. It's lost among the tide.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Man of Your Dreams, Literally

What if.. to find your soul mate, all you had to do was dream?

When it came, that dream would tell you everything. Who they are; who they are not. It would put a light to confusion and clarify uncertainty.

It would certainly make searching a lot easier! Or perhaps not, in the instance you don't know the one of which you dream.

If only our minds could be so assured. I for one couldn't trust myself. Not with the state of the world and the lack of God here -whom we've been forcing out. We are all impressionable beings, be it in a good or bad way. Since good and evil are both present here, they are warring for our minds. So, even if we could dream about our one and only, it might not be the right one! Evil is rather deceiving.

So if you end up dreaming about the person you believe you are to spend the rest of your life with, use a bit of the free will and common sense God instilled in you before you take it as an absolute sign. Might spare you a miserable and difficult existence.

All things are possible with God though. He's spoken to people in dreams before and can do so again. Consider Joseph -Mary, the mother of Jesus', husband. How things could have been different had not God come to him in a dream.