Saturday, January 31, 2009

La La Land

What if... reading could be food, water, shelter, money for bills, and any other necessity?

I would no doubt be in heaven. :)


Monday, January 26, 2009


What if... more mothers stayed home to raise their children?

As a nanny, I wonder about this often. There is only so much that outside influence can do for kids. They crave their parents attention. Believe me, I know. Yet, all too often I see families who have both parents that work and it’s, well.. heart breaking.

Personally, if you want to have a family and kids, plan on it. Don’t just fall into it in the middle of your school year so that either you drop out to raise them or keep going and they suffer. There is no rush to be someone and have a career (unless there is a dire need to make money.. but again, plan kids!). But, you should choose when you want to have a career and when you want to have kids (if the choice is available) because, from what I’ve seen, the two just don’t mesh well.

Above all, kids need their parents, especially their moms when they’re younger. And, believe it or not, you need them as well. I wish more mom’s would relish the younger years they will never get back with their children and end up regretting.


Friday, January 23, 2009

An Ounce of Brain...

What if... we all used more than 12% of our brains?

Wow, wouldn’t that be nice.

DOC UPDATE- So far it’s been a little over a week, but already the abnormal racing of my heart has stopped. I’ve been checking myself daily for Vitamin B Complex and eating more of the foods mentioned, and well, what more is there to say? The proof is in the pudding. :)

I found out that Vitamin B is used up more quickly when we are stressed out. If you are stressed with work, family or anything else, make sure you are replenishing your Vitamin B. Otherwise, expect your body to tell you.

Just breathe.. God'll do the rest.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Just Grow Up

What if... we didn’t have to grow up?

There are times I envy Peter Pan in his ability to avoid growing up. When you’re young, there are no bills to pay, no pain and hurt to experience (in most cases) but even when you do, you are almost clueless to it, and not a care in the world are present. It’s like you see the world as this magical realm in which you are now a part of. Your own fiction story in the making. And you can do anything (well, anything your parents will let you.. but that’s not such a big downside since you’re taken care of twenty-four seven.).

But, on the other hand, growing up is what sets us apart from any other living thing on earth. Not only that, but it can also have it’s major upsides. Learning, for one. Finding the one you are to be with forever, for another. Doing and becoming someone great. Staying up late and eating a whole pint of ice cream. Hehe ; ) I’m sure the list could go on.

So, while on one hand I would like to be young again to get away from all the stresses of life, on the other, I wouldn’t trade the world for all I’ve learned, all I’m doing, and who I’ve become.

What do you think? Would you want to go back to when you were younger? Why? Why not?


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


What if.. Doctors aren’t the answer? Part One.

I just read an article in a newsletter we receive in the mail called Health Alert. The article was about a man named John who had unusual heart rhythm -a slight arrhythmia. He was in good shape aside from the occasional race of his heart.

So, he went to the doctors who proceeded to think it was this, then it was that, or maybe this or that... All the while treating him for things that often times he didn’t even have symptoms for or of which testing came back normal! He was placed on antibiotics, given more and more drugs, an angiogram, and even put through surgery. But, he got worse. After the angiogram, he had to spend 3 days in the hospital with a vein problem. And one of the drugs was so toxic that he was back in the hospital for 10 days. During which, he began to bleed internally. (And that was only to give you an idea of what he went through!)

But his heart still raced.

When the doctors finally decided the real solution was heart bypass surgery, the man had had enough.

The article says that in 2 years, he had seen 2 general practitioners, 6 cardiologists, 2 internists, 2 endocrinologists, 1 gastroenterologist, 1 hematologist, 3 surgeons, 3 radiologists, and countless nurses and technicians. He had been to four renowned hospitals and two world-famous cardiac centers.

So, what was the problem? A vitamin B complex deficiency. Seriously, that’s all it was. After just three months, the man was cured of the irregular heartbeat.

What’s the point of this post? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s because I have this same irregular heartbeat. I was planning on having a Physical today, but found this article and canceled it. I’m going to try it out before I spend money I don’t have in order to go to a Doctor.

This is Part One of this post because I intend to keep you posted on how I’m doing and if this works. This marks the day I start.

Here is what I’ll be doing... I’ll be testing myself by using the electrical currents running through my body to see if I need any of the following B’s --B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, folic acid, biotin, and pantothenic acid. I will also be incorporating more of these foods into my diet:

* whole grains, such as wheat and oats
* fish
* poultry and meats
* eggs
* dairy products, like milk and yogurt
* leafy green vegetables
* beans and peas

So, this is my experiment for all to see. Will it work? I know it will. How do I know? Not only have I been craving fish and haven’t been eating a lot of dairy products -to be truthful, very little if any at all- but also, my God is good. And it was no coincidence my mom found this article for me. But, I know.. It remains to be seen. I’ll give you an update in a month’s time on how I’m doing.


Monday, January 12, 2009


What if... friends really aren’t as important as we may think?

Let me clear up right away that I did not just say friends are not important at all. I merely eluded that they aren’t AS important. I am fully aware that friends, if the right kind, can be extremely beneficial as well as a blessing to our lives.

However, on the flip side, they can be detrimental as well. Some can hurt us, others can betray us. They tend to be a distraction (though distractions, at times, are necessary). And even still, they can turn us into people we don’t want to become should we let them.

Every time you make a friend, you take a risk. Sometimes the risk is well worth it... Other times it’s not. Make sure you’re aware and careful who your friends are.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Body Talk

What if... our bodies are trying to tell us something?

Often times, they are, and they’re rather good at it too. They let us know when we are in pain, as in when we’ve broken or bruised something. They also let us know when we are lacking. Be it with hunger or thirst or even something more specific (ie. cravings). But, lets go even deeper than that...

Do you ever get those little white smudges under your finger nails? That’s your body telling you you have a zinc deficiency. Either that, or you injured it. How can you tell? Have you had any painful accidents where that finger nail was in the middle of it?

Or what about those grooves in the nail? Some call it a spooning of the nail. It is due to a lack of iron.

And these are just minor ways in which our body lets us know when something is up! What is your body telling you? Are you listening?

Monday, January 5, 2009


What if... innocence in children grew extinct?

Let’s just say, I don’t think there would be much of a need or an issue with abortion any longer.

Friday, January 2, 2009

A thought from the holidays

What if... we didn't have family?

Sounds appalling, I know. But, the truth is, there are people that don't for one reason or another. If you know of someone, call or write them today to let them know you're thinking of them. Could mean the world to them. :)


What if, what??

Simple... What if, anything.

This is just a random blog to raise questions on things. Life is full of questions -it's natural to have questions. It's also natural to ask them. So, lets ask.

We might not always get an answer but sometimes, in asking, we discover their importance, or lack there of.