Wednesday, March 25, 2009


What if.. America was no longer a free country?

Honestly, it doesn’t seem that way anymore. I just overheard on the news that they are beginning to monitor emails as well as text messages now!

If they can so easily invade our privacy, who’s to say it won’t get worse? Where will it end??

No. The fact is that we are losing our freedom. But thanks be to God, we still have freedom in Him.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Cause and Effect

What if.. what we do effects what happens to us and those around us?

Two words for you... It does.

Free will means we get to make a choice. And there is always more than one choice. There will be a good choice, and there will be a bad choice; a right choice and a wrong choice. Whatever choice you choose will effect you in some way. Good will effect you in a good way, and bad will effect you in a bad way. That's not unreasonable to say, is it?

So, if someone chooses to rob a bank and kills someone, that bad choice will effect them badly. The same can be said for the person that chooses to give to others even when he has nothing to give. It will all effect our lives in some way. Be it on this earth or in eternity.

Also, think about this... Can anyone show me someone that has eaten and lived a healthy life and still received cancer? By eating, I mean that they eat their fruits and vegetables just as much as their meats if not more so (I've read that fruits and vegetables keep the ph balance of the body normal. If it's not balanced, cancer is free to grow). They stay away from sugars, processed foods, and all else that is not good for their bodies (basically, all junk food). They also exercise... Well, you get the idea. They have taken GOOD care of themselves. The best, if I may go so far as to say.

Can anyone show me someone they have known that has still been sick under these circumstances?

I know someone that hasn't. My own grandmother. She is a picture of health and follows the list I gave above. All of my family knows she will out live us all unless hit by a bus or something. And she's never had cancer or any other major disease. She barely even gets sick with a cold! She's just that healthy and it's paying off! She'll no doubt see her great grand childrens children.

I once heard it said, "The little things don't matter."

Now, to a degree I understand the context by which it was said. Knowing Christ is by far the most important choice we can ever make. But, that doesn't mean that other choices don't matter at all. Why? Because God made a point to talk about the little things, too. What we eat, how we live, what comes out of our mouths, what we do and do not do, etc.

So, if God thought something like eating pork was important enough to mention along with Christ, that means it is important and should be given the proper attention. Like, did you know that when you eat pork, you are not only putting yourself at risk of a deadly worm, but you are also eating death itself? Pigs are the garbage cans of the earth. All the junk they eat remains in their bodies and then transfers to yours once you ingest it. Research the pig and you'll see (specifically, find out what comes out when you squeeze the leg of a pig). So, God had a very good reason to say stay away from it -He wants us to live! John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

And, concerning the pig, that has never changed though some Christian's would argue it has. God may have said it in the Old Testament, but that has not changed even in the New. One reason being because the pig has not changed, nor has our physical make up. (See upcoming post on my Once Upon A Time... blog to read more in-depth on this topic -

So, that means for every decision we have to make, we need to take time thinking it over. Weigh all our options and examining the outcome for each one, and not just concerning ourselves! That is the only way we can make the best and wisest decision.

I'm not saying not to listen to other people. No, not at all! Where can you hear about other sides if not from other people? But, in the end, YOU make the decision after careful examination of both sides/all options.

For your sake as well as the people around you, I hope you choose the good decisions above the bad.



Friday, March 13, 2009


What if.. everyone in the world thought more of others than themselves?

Would there be such a thing as war? Would we even know what “war” meant? Would weapons be used for anything other than gathering food? What would and would not be?

I think everything would be different if we would stop focusing on ourselves.

Thieves wouldn’t steal because they would have those they were taking from in mind. Murderers wouldn’t kill because they would think of all the people that would be hurt by taking a life. And greedy people would make sure everyone around the world had plenty... These people would all no longer exist. Period.

This country has been blessed so greatly with freedom and everything we need provided for us. But, it’s going to our heads and destroying us in the process.

Stop and think... Not about where you will be next, or what you will eat and drink for lunch. But about those that have no place to go. Those that have nothing to eat or drink and who don’t have any of the luxuries we do. Then do something about it. They need us; we need each other. If not us, then who?

Doing so will no doubt save us, this country, and even the world in the process. But we have to choose to stop the selfishness. Will we?


Friday, March 6, 2009

Get Involved!

What are your What If’s? Do you have ones you’d love to share? Well, you can! Here’s what you do...

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No questions are too crazy -all are important, no matter how big or small... Questions can be as imaginative or real, serious or silly as you want. Feel free to be as creative or passionate as you like. Just make sure it begins “What If..”

Get your questions in now for this month! I look forward to seeing what everyone else thinks of!

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True Love

What if.. true love could speak to us?

What would it say?

Jesus’ love spoke in his actions. He died for the world because he loved us so much. That is the kind of love we should mimic. It’s true with a capital T.

Would true love ever keep quiet? NEVER. True love will always make itself know, in action and word together. Otherwise, how do you know it’s true love?

True love, then, can and does speak to us. The real question is, are we listening? Are we looking for it?


Monday, March 2, 2009


What if... genius isn’t so much an excess of smarts as it is a lack of it?

Einstein was smart, yes, but perhaps it was because everyone else chose to be stupid. He was only considered as such because no one else took the time or wanted to know..?

Last I checked, being smart (even genius) is a choice; we have to want to learn and know. We all have that choice before us and learning is not something that is hard to acquire. So, we all make the decision to be smart or stupid, learned or not, every day.

I've heard so many kids talk about how pointless and boring or even "uncool" school is. In fact, I'm sure a lot of kids today don't care about anything school related. But that decision is made without thinking about why school is there in the first place -to better yourself so you can do great things.

But, without knowledge, you might as well be without air. The only thing uncool about it is how much of a loser you'll be if you don't apply yourself now and dedicate yourself to learning all you can.

After all, who’s to say you can’t be the next Einstein, Plato, Mozart, or Michaelangelo? You certainly have nothing to lose in trying. In fact, if you think about it, you have everything to lose if you don’t. And that doesn’t take genius to figure out.

Take time and make an effort to learn anything and everything in all things. All around, it's just the smartest thing to do.

WDYT? (What Do You Think?)