Friday, March 6, 2009

Get Involved!

What are your What If’s? Do you have ones you’d love to share? Well, you can! Here’s what you do...

Email me at and include the following:

1) Your What If questions and their answers,
2) Your name (whatever you’re comfortable with) and a link to your blog,
3) Also, tell me if I have permission to make comments on your questions as well. I will consider no response as an okay.

If you just have questions that you’d like me to try and answer, that’s okay too. Still include your name and blog link and tell me if you’d like them to be made known when posting on the question.

From there, just keep your eyes open for it to be posted!

I make posts every Monday and Friday mornings, and I’ll post four viewer What If’s a month.

No questions are too crazy -all are important, no matter how big or small... Questions can be as imaginative or real, serious or silly as you want. Feel free to be as creative or passionate as you like. Just make sure it begins “What If..”

Get your questions in now for this month! I look forward to seeing what everyone else thinks of!

As always, thanks for being a part of my What If blog. :)

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