Monday, March 2, 2009


What if... genius isn’t so much an excess of smarts as it is a lack of it?

Einstein was smart, yes, but perhaps it was because everyone else chose to be stupid. He was only considered as such because no one else took the time or wanted to know..?

Last I checked, being smart (even genius) is a choice; we have to want to learn and know. We all have that choice before us and learning is not something that is hard to acquire. So, we all make the decision to be smart or stupid, learned or not, every day.

I've heard so many kids talk about how pointless and boring or even "uncool" school is. In fact, I'm sure a lot of kids today don't care about anything school related. But that decision is made without thinking about why school is there in the first place -to better yourself so you can do great things.

But, without knowledge, you might as well be without air. The only thing uncool about it is how much of a loser you'll be if you don't apply yourself now and dedicate yourself to learning all you can.

After all, who’s to say you can’t be the next Einstein, Plato, Mozart, or Michaelangelo? You certainly have nothing to lose in trying. In fact, if you think about it, you have everything to lose if you don’t. And that doesn’t take genius to figure out.

Take time and make an effort to learn anything and everything in all things. All around, it's just the smartest thing to do.

WDYT? (What Do You Think?)


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  1. I agree!! I've noticed that I get praise for my "good grades" at college, but mine only look that way because everyone else does so poorly! All I do is complete the homework and follow the instructions! :-)