Friday, March 13, 2009


What if.. everyone in the world thought more of others than themselves?

Would there be such a thing as war? Would we even know what “war” meant? Would weapons be used for anything other than gathering food? What would and would not be?

I think everything would be different if we would stop focusing on ourselves.

Thieves wouldn’t steal because they would have those they were taking from in mind. Murderers wouldn’t kill because they would think of all the people that would be hurt by taking a life. And greedy people would make sure everyone around the world had plenty... These people would all no longer exist. Period.

This country has been blessed so greatly with freedom and everything we need provided for us. But, it’s going to our heads and destroying us in the process.

Stop and think... Not about where you will be next, or what you will eat and drink for lunch. But about those that have no place to go. Those that have nothing to eat or drink and who don’t have any of the luxuries we do. Then do something about it. They need us; we need each other. If not us, then who?

Doing so will no doubt save us, this country, and even the world in the process. But we have to choose to stop the selfishness. Will we?


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