Tuesday, May 5, 2009


What if.. we can truly see God in planting a Garden?

My mom and I have finally gotten on the ball with gardening this year. Our little garden box is already filled with all types of wonderful thing -beets, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes. But, all we’ve done is put them in the soil and water them from time to time. They are grow all on their own.

Makes one wonder. We don’t make them take root and flourish. Sure, we can give them the proper environment to do so (something already provided by God), but it takes God to do the rest. After all, He’s the one that created them.

Gardens remind me of the Parable of the Sower in the four Gospels. But, that’s just the planting stage. What about the growing stage? The parallels to following Christ and just life in general are identical...

Once a seed is planted and has taken root, it still goes through so much. There will be storms that will rage around it and rains that will bombard it (though they like these more often than not). Heavy winds will try to rip it from the comfort of its soil. And often the sun can be so scorching, it will try to suck the life from them. Compost, or garbage, may litter it’s home, but still it keeps growing.

It takes all these things in stride and, as we should too, benefits from them instead of let's them wear it down to nothing.

Beyond “Go to the Ant,” we have the capacity to learn from the plant. Not only of God’s amazing Creation, but about ourselves. When life’s storms and messes surround us, we have the ability, like those plants, to grow from it all.

The question is, will we?


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  1. When we plant our own garden this evening, I'll be thinking of this post.

    Very nicely done!