Thursday, June 25, 2009


What if.. being good just isn’t enough?

According to the Bible, it isn’t... But, here, let me put a different spin on it.

Think of a criminal in prison. Now, our country gives them a second chance by having the possibility to get out on Good Behavior (assuming they have any). But, that criminal could just play “the good game” while he’s there in order to get out. In getting out though, he’s charged to remain that way which it a lot tougher since you’re not locked in a cell without all the temptations.

What’s to keep him good then? For him, it’s the freedom of being out of that cell and remaining so.

For me, it’s to please my Heavenly Father. And much like a prisoner, I want to stay free... of hell. Not only that, but knowing Christ and what He did for you also implores you to do good.

If you’re being good just for the sake of it, what’s to keep you from turning bad when the opportunity comes? Or for you to fake it? You don't have to be a criminal to do that. For that prisoner and me, we have a good reason not to though. Eternity.

It seems a good reason to be good is what prompts a person to be truly good. Without a reason -something to drive you- will you stand strong to the end against the bad? Even with a reason for me, temptations are great. But I have Christ to focus on. Imagine what someone who doesn't is up against. Someone who strives to be good for good’s sake doesn’t have reinforcement.



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