Friday, February 13, 2009


What if... aliens really do exist?

Well, so what? If they do, I doubt they would come flying in in flat, round disks and look like they poured growth enhancers on their heads as portrayed in the movies. And especially that they would come to take over or destroy us. That’s just too strange.

Plus, what could they possibly want here on earth? If they use such advanced technology that they can get here in the first place, why would they want to? Look around. There is not much here I think they’d like. There’s not much here I like, and it’s gradually getting worse no thanks to sin and bad choices on our parts.

If there are other beings out there, what does it matter? Personally, I think people need to get their heads back on this planet and focus on it’s problems before we can even consider welcoming anyone else from whatever distant galaxy.


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