Saturday, February 7, 2009


What if... no one ever assumed?

Too much to hope for, do you think..?

Assumptions can ruin friendships and lives and not just to those around you. It can also harm yourself. If I could engrave this in every mind, I would... NEVER ASSUME! Have good, solid proof before you draw any conclusions whatsoever.

Now, if we could read minds and hearts with people and, in essence, be God, this might be a different story (though, then it wouldn’t be called assuming). But, since we can’t and never will be, it’s not worth pretending.



  1. Assumptions have to go with common sense and trust eh? Like, my wife can assume that I won't cheat on her, and she's right. She has to trust this is so, but assumes it is. That's just one example. But assumptions can also cause situations to turn bad quickly too.

  2. You're confusing assuming with presuming though... By definition, when you assume something, you do so without proof. A presumption is based on evidence.

    For example, someone that has just met you in passing might assume you are stuck up though you act only kindly toward them. While another person will presume that you are happily married by the way you and your wife act around and toward each other. Does that make sense?

    Your wife doesn't assume you won't ever cheat on her, she presumes you won't because she trusts you. Why? I would think because she knows you and perhaps you haven't given her any reason to think you would do such a thing. That's pretty good proof and, in effect, leads to presuming.

    Assuming, then, is still detrimental. That's why I say "Have good, solid proof before you draw any conclusions whatsoever."