Monday, February 16, 2009

The Fruit

What if.. only Eve had eaten from the tree and not Adam?

I wonder sometimes... Would we only be part sinful? Some sort of mutant? And what would God have done? Would Christ have still needed to come?

What do you think?

This is just one of the many questions I’ll have to ask God when I see Him in heaven.. Can’t wait! There are so many! :)



  1. LLP, first I never mentioned how pretty I think you are. Or did I?

    Second I posted a comment on your scam from your other blog since the same thing happened to me; but when I went to view my comment to make sure it was there, the whole page was gone. I still have the FBI/Federal Reserve's address after I contacted them about what happend and they told me to mail the foreign check so they can file it and investigate it. This man too, had a language barrier and soon I became suspicious. If you want me to give you the address I will.

    Third, I appreciate your comment on my blog of explaining 'fearfully' to my 5 year old but since they wrote as 'Anonymous' I am unable to find who wrote this. I published your post so that if they do come around again, that they will give answers and links for you, as well as me, because I too didn't know the history, as I stated. I hope you get this. You're a blessing and so smart in Him!

  2. *blush* Thank you. X) And you have a beautiful family, Sarah! I love seeing pictures of them on your page.

    Yes ma'am, I did receive that post.. Just had to approve it, that's why you couldn't see it right away. No worries!

    At first I wanted that address, but now that you seem suspicious about the person you contacted, I'm wondering if I shouldn't worry about it. I'm thinking I might go another route. There is a site,, that I could post my experience to as well and it would help a lot more people than just sending the evidence in to be filed. So, I don't think I'll worry about it. But thank you anyway! :)

    Oh, that's fine! I'll just check the comments for that post every now and again to see if "Anonymous" came back with a response.

    I'm praying with you that you'll be able to explain to your daughter. She sounds like a smart little thing to already be seeking to know so much. That's fantastic! I would say that means she has two great parents. :)

    God bless you guys!

  3. You are so right about the questions...what if only one had sinned? It almost seems as if they're wills were truly not separate from one another. It almost seems as if it had to happen in order for God to show His full glory to all men.

    Good questions.