Monday, February 9, 2009


What if... racism were something more?

It is, I dare say, a difference between right and wrong above all; a battle between not who’s skin color is more superior or how different we look compared to another, but between what is good and what is evil. Allow me to explain...

When someone purposes to feel prejudice toward someone else, they are choosing to do away with what is right and good -to love others, no matter what. After all, looks are not what is important anyway. The heart is. Wouldn’t you agree?

Seeing as people can’t see into the heart as soon as they meet someone and it takes time to get to know someone well, racists then don’t care about logic and reason either. They see someone on the street who’s skin is different than their own and immediately decide against them because of it. Or they know of one person’s bad actions but impress that one person’s actions on everyone categorized with them (like Mexicans or Asians, Black or White people).

So, a racist not only chooses wrong over right, but also chooses ignorance over logic. In the end, it only makes them wrong and ignorant.

What’s worse is that they deceive themselves into thinking that what I just said doesn’t apply to them...


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